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The fourth edition of the FIA Hill Climb Masters will take place in Braga, Portugal, in 2021.



The FIA and the Organisers of the competition offer the journalists/photographers the opportunity to request accreditation for the FIA Hill Climb Masters.

The journalists and photographers must be accredited and must report to the competition Secretariat for identification. They may obtain a laisser-passer only if they have been mandated in writing before the event.


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2021 FIA Hill Climb Masters - Portfolio

2016 FIA Hill Climb Masters - Portfolio



2021 October:

10/10/2021:  "HCM - Merli Wins 2021 FIA Hill Climb Masters"
09/10/2021:  "HCM - Geoffrey Schatz Leading the Way in Braga"
09/10/2021:  "2021 FIA Hill Climb Masters"
08/10/2021:  "HCM - Kosovo Looks To Shine in The Nations Cup in Braga"
08/10/2021:  "HCM - Gardiner will be ‘Powered by Snow’ in Braga"
05/10/2021:  "HCM - Introducing the FIA Hill Climb Masters"

2021 August:

10/08/2021:  "FIA Hill Climb Masters - Braga (8-10/10/21)"

2020 April: 

28/04/2021: "4th Edition of The FIA Hill Climb Masters Postponed to 2021"

2018 October:

16/10/2018: "Gold for Merli, Hall, Schnellmann, Peruggini and Luxembourg"

13/10/2018: "First Impressions before the Big Day"

12/10/2018: "Let's the Games begin"

04/10/2018: "FIA Hill Climb Masters: Spectacular Third Edition Awaits!

2018 August:

16/08/2018: "FIA Hill Climb Masters: Registration is open!"

02/08/2018: "Hill Climb Masters: A record has already been set"

2018 June:

13/06/2018: "The third edition of the FIA Hill Climb Masters at Gubbio on 14 October

2016 October:

09/10/2016: “Hill Climb Masters - Gold medals for Faggioli, Moran and Peruggini

08/10/2016: “Faggioli, Moran and Peruggini fastest in practice at Šternberk

08/10/2016: “Hill Climb Masters - Šternberk readies for headline hill climb

05/10/2016: “FIA Hill Climb Masters: 14 national teams confirmed

2016 September:

29/09/2016: FIA Hill Climb Masters: unique race, unique atmosphere

07/09/2016: FIA Hill Climb Masters: The circle of nations expands

2016 August:Registration for the "Masters" is open - and free

2016 January: “The Second Edition of the FIA Hill Climb Masters at Sternberk

2014 December: "Decisions of the World Council regarding Hill Climb"

2014 October:

13/10/2014: "Gold medals for Schatz, Berguerand, Bodson and Italy"

11/10/2014: "The favourites already showing their paces"

11/10/2014: "A fantastic initiative"

09/10/2014: "Follow the FIA Hill Climb Masters through live streaming"

01/10/2014: "FIA Hill Climb Masters: rendezvous with the Champions!"






2021 FIA Hill Climb Masters - official poster


2018 FIA Hill Climb Masters - official poster

2018 FIA HCM official poster


2016 FIA Hill Climb Masters - official poster



2014 FIA Hill Climb Masters - official poster