Disability & Accessibility


Disability & Accessibility


The FIA has created the Disability and Accessibility Commission (DAA) to ensure accessible racing and motoring across both the Sport and Mobility pillars.

The purpose of the DAA is to break down barriers that obstruct full and effective participation of motorsport drivers and road users in society and mobility systems. Made up of representatives from Mobility and Sport Member Clubs, the DAA is committed to improving safety for disabled drivers, in coordination with the FIA specialised Commissions, implementing any actions contributing to improving the comprehensiveness and quality of adaptations for drivers with disabilities. The DAA also promotes knowledge sharing and best practices between Clubs and other relevant organisations involved in the field of inclusive transport.


Licences for participants with disabilities - Sport

Any person with an acquired or congenital disability and who, in the opinion of their national medical commission (where applicable) or of a doctor designated by the ASN, does not fulfil the conditions for obtaining an International Driver’s Licence, may apply to obtain an International Driver’s Licence if all the conditions stated in the relevant sections of Appendix L to the International Sporting Code are fulfilled, and Article 18 in particular.

Vehicle Adaptations Guidelines

The Vehicle Adaptation Guidelines contain general guidance regarding the adaptation of motor sport vehicles for mobility-impaired competitors.

These Guidelines are intended to only provide recommendations with the best practices for vehicle adaptations, and do not have regulatory value.


Racing with an adapted car - Sport

To race in international competitions included on the International Sporting Calendar or where specifically stipulated in the regulations, an FIA Certificate of Adaptations (COA) is required to ensure the adapted vehicle is safe and in compliance.

The COA application form must be sent at least two months prior to the competition in which the driver intends to compete.

The detailed procedure is available in Article 18.3 of Appendix L to the International Sporting Code.


FIA Certificate of Adaptations / Examples of Technical Dossier

The Adaptations Working Group has successfully evaluated competition vehicles from different disciplines to issue Certificates of Adaptations. 

Here, you will find technical dossiers compiled by the group, specifically focusing on these vehicles. The adaptations have been carefully assessed to ensure that they are safe, customised to individual needs, and do not provide the competitors with any performance advantage. 

It is important to note that these examples are not exhaustive and that they serve as best practices for drivers and adaptation experts.



Practice of motor sport for International Driver’s Licence holders with disabilities - Sport

Appendix L to the International Sporting Code also provides full details to ensure safe practice of the sport for participants with disabilities, with details on emergency management, requirements for egress on live circuits or stages as well as conditions should additional assistance be required.

Universal symbol for non-ambulant drivers

To ensure that marshals, rescue teams and any other officials are aware that the driver may require a different type of assistance, mainly in case of emergency, non-ambulant drivers must affix the sticker to the name or number on the racing car.


FIA Disabled Driver Database - Mobility

This initiative, implemented in partnership with the International Transport Forum (ITF), aims to establish a global database of disabled driving regulations for motorists. For many people with disabilities, the use of their own car remains fundamental to independent mobility. Yet, while most people with disabilities are familiar with the rules and practices in their own country, they are unlikely to know what applies in another country to which they may want to travel, as tourists or on business. 

With the input of FIA Member Clubs from around the globe and ITF Member states, the FIA launched a public websitein the first quarter of 2021 to ensure drivers with mobility impairments can safely travel and drive abroad.



FIA Disability and Accessibility Scholarship – Sport & Mobility

The FIA Disability and Accessibility Scholarship gives the opportunity to a young disabled person to do an internship at the FIA on the engineering or administrative activities of the D&A Commission, both in the Sport and Mobility areas.

Details for applications are communicated in the summer via the FIA career portal and FIA social media platform.

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