If you are interested in Motor Sport or Mobility history, this project is made for you.

In order to preserve its rich heritage for future generations, the FIA has decided to digitise its archives and create an e-library. 

The e-library is only accessible to FIA Member Clubs at the moment. It will be accessible to the general public in 2024, when the FIA celebrates its 120th anniversary. 

This project serves four main objectives: 

  • Preserve the FIA’s Motor Sport and Mobility heritage, 
  • Create research opportunities for scientists, media and motor sport enthusiasts, 
  • Promote the FIA’s role in motor sport development,
  • Improve cooperation within the FIA family and the motor sport community.

You may discover an adventure behind each document, with names, dates, events making Motor Sport and Mobility history. The FIA’s handwritten Acte Fondateur from 20 June 1904 may arouse emotions while Land Speed Records from the XXth century will provide unique data for engineering and safety research.

FIA Member Clubs will be given an exclusive opportunity to contribute to the FIA historical database with their documents, research and illustrations.

The e-library is the result of months of hard work from the FIA team composed of representatives from the Sport and Mobility Divisions, IT, Communication and Legal Departments as well as Digitisation and Archiving Experts. In February 2022, the team estimated the preliminary volume of documents to be included in the database, which counts millions of pages.

If you are a staff member of an FIA Club and you want to access the beta version of the e-library, please click here to request access to the FIA E-Library!