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FIA Driver Categorisation


FIA Driver Categorisation

  • The Annual Revision of Categorisations is ongoing and any re-categorisation by the Committee will be published by 15 November at the latest. The FIA Driver Categorisation public list will be considered definitive after the first week of December.

    Any re-categorisation decision by the Committee may be reviewed at the request of the driver withing the 15 days of the publication of the decision, backed up by all the necessary proof and documents. This request must be submitted via the online categorisation platform within the given delay.

The FIA Driver Categorisation is the basis for all FIA Championships that use a driver system, and can be adopted by any series.
The initial categorisation is based on the driver's age and career record, which may be adjusted in subsequent seasons according to the recorded race pace and results of the series that are using the categorisation system.
Please find hereunder the link to apply for a FIA Driver Categorisation or access your existing account, together with the FIA Driver Categorisation List.

The FIA Driver Categorisation regulations can be downloaded below:







The Categorisation Committee will only consider requests sent through the FIA Driver Categorisation platform.

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