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Created in 1962, the International Karting Commission (hereinafter referred to as “the CIK-FIA”) is one of the sporting Commissions of the FIA. The object of the CIK-FIA shall be to develop, promote, co-ordinate and regulate Karting-related activities around the world, respecting the principles enacted by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA).


The main tasks of the CIK-FIA are to draft proposals and submit them to the World Council with the aim of:- ensuring the unity of Karting activities and safeguarding the interests, both material and moral, of Karting in all countries;- promoting the development of the practice of Karting sport in the world while respecting safety and the environment, and enacting and enforcing international Regulations for the organisation and running of Karting Competitions and the practice of Karting;- facilitating and reinforcing the actions and services of the National Sporting Authorities in the field of Karting;- drawing up, harmonising and enforcing any international Sporting or Technical Regulations as regards Karting while respecting the FIA International Sporting Code and its appendices;- drawing up an International Calendar of international Karting Competitions and meetings;- making rules for any equipment and material used in the practice of Karting sport, as well as the venues used for the practice of Karting.