Le Sénat



As the top-ranked body of the FIA, the Senate oversees the management and finances of the federation.

One of the most important bodies of the FIA, the Senate brings together both main competence areas of the FIA.

It is composed of 16 members including a Senate President, the President and the Deputy Presidents. The rest of the membership is composed specifically to ensure a balanced representation of both arms of the FIA.

The Senate handles issues relating to management and general policy of the FIA that cannot be covered by either of the World Councils. As such, its main responsibilities are financial.

Under the advice of the Audit Committee, it closes the accounts, prepares World Council budgets and handles the consolidated budget. Under this remit, the Senate is also responsible for commercial questions that may come to the FIA’s attention.

Due to its central and important role, should the FIA find itself without a President, the Senate President would be placed in charge, supported by the Deputy Presidents, and the Senate would organise an extraordinary general assembly to elect a new President.

A list of the members of the FIA Senate is available here: