FIA Grant Programmes

The FIA's Grant Programmes are divided into two categories, available to FIA members only: the FIA Sport Grant Programme and the FIA Mobility Grant Programmes. These funding sources are earmarked for either road safety projects implemented by all FIA Clubs (Road Safety Grant programme), or the promotion and development of motor sport activities via the FIA ASNs (Sport Grant programme).

FIA Road Safety Grant Programme
Founded in 2012 with an endowment from the FIA Foundation, the Grant Programme funds FIA Club projects for promotion and progress in road safety around the world. It has awarded over 4 000 000 € to date. Over 220 innovative road safety initiatives have been started in over 70 countries: awareness campaigns, educational programmes and training, vulnerable road users' protection, conferences, events and workshops, road infrastructure safety information and vehicle inspection programmes.
FIA Sport Grant Programme
Dedicated to motor sport development, the FIA Sport Grant Programme works with ASNs to strengthen motor sport activities. The programme is managed by the Funding Review Commission (FRC) who have ascribed a number of Key Performance Indicators to ensure funding delivers on its aim of growing motor sport. ASNs are legible to apply for funding provided that they comply with the set criteria and guidelines developed by the FRC.