TOSFED's "Parents' Report Card" Initiative: Fueling Road Safety Education Across Türkiye


The Turkish Automobile Sports Federation’s "Parents' Report Card" initiative is gaining traction nationwide, merging motor sport excitement with essential road safety lessons for elementary school students. Led by professional racing drivers, interactive conferences offer children valuable insights into racing safety and everyday road rules. Endorsed by Türkiye’s Ministry of National Education, the initiative has impacted over 20,000 children in 50+ schools, with plans for expansion to middle schools by 2024.

In an effort to instill a safety-conscious driving culture among young learners, the Turkish Automobile Sports Federation (TOSFED) has introduced the innovative "Parents' Report Card" initiative. Targeted at elementary school children aged 7-11, this initiative seamlessly integrates the excitement of motor sport with essential road safety teachings.

Central to the initiative are engaging conferences held in state schools nationwide. Led by experienced racing drivers, these sessions provide students with descriptions of safety measures practiced in high-speed racing and everyday driving scenarios. From the significance of seat belts to the importance of helmet safety, children are introduced to a range of safety practices crucial for their safety on the road.

To reinforce key messages, multimedia resources such as promotional materials, and educational leaflets are utilised, fostering meaningful discussions about road safety. The inclusion of a race car exhibition within school premises enhances the learning experience, providing children with a firsthand look at the safety features of competitive racing vehicles.

Beyond the conference room, children are tasked with evaluating their parents' adherence to traffic regulations and safe driving practices. These evaluations, shared with school authorities and parents, serve as a catalyst for promoting safer driving habits within communities.

The initiative has been successful, with over 20,000 children across 50+ schools benefiting from the program. Notably, all materials developed for the project have received approval from Türkiye's Ministry of National Education, ensuring seamless integration into existing traffic safety training programs.

Looking ahead, TOSFED is committed to expanding the "Parents' Report Card" initiative to middle schools by 2024. This move underscores TOSFED's dedication to advancing road safety education across all age groups.