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TACI unveils roadside assistance app


The Touring & Automobile Club of the Islamic Republic of Iran (TACI) has recently unveiled an application for its previously-established Roadside Assistance Services.

TACI’s Roadside Assistance Services have introduced a software application to increase road safety in mobility, and facilitate multilateral connection and communication between repair centers, rescuers, members, and customers.

“Thanks to this application, the speed of relief operations has improved compared to the past. Moreover, the trust in assistance services and related costs has been increased”, said a Club spokesperson.

The service was initially established in 1968 to provide relief services (towing and repair) for road travelers in Iran. TACI has deployed local rescuers and has created representative branches in most provinces to expand its services.

According to the club, a total of 60,000 users subscribed to the different types of roadside assistance membership scheme in 2020.

TACI uses a large network of provincial rescue call centers with the dial numbers 09629 and 0216423, as well as a radio communication system (wireless), contracted garages, representative agents, rescuers, and operation supervision and inspection teams throughout the country.

This enables the Club to provide roadside assistance services in the shortest possible time to its members or customers 24-hours a day.