Oman Automobile Association Unveils New AO Center in Airport Heights, Seeb, to Promote Sports, Tourism, and Community Engagement


The Oman Automobile Association (OAA) is set to open its new headquarters, the Active Oman Center, in Airport Heights, Seeb. This advanced facility offers a range of amenities designed to cater to sports enthusiasts and the broader community, while also contributing to the development of local tourism.

The centerpiece of the AO Center is Action Point, a cutting-edge shooting range that serves both beginners and experienced shooters. Additionally, the complex includes a specialised sports retail area offering equipment for outdoor activities and bowling enthusiasts. Complementing these offerings is a modern bowling alley, providing diverse entertainment options for visitors.

Expected to become a major tourist attraction, the AO Center will significantly enhance local mobility tourism offerings. As the home of Oman’s first shooting range and a unique sports retail destination, the facility supports broader goals of increasing mobility services and access to new forms of recreation and leisure, catering to a wide range of interests and preferences.

“The AO Center embodies the Oman Automobile Association’s commitment to promoting diverse sports, recreational activities and tourism”, says Sulaiman Al Rawahi, OAA’s Managing Director, “Our goal is to enhance local sports infrastructure and encourage an active lifestyle among community members. This approach aligns with our mission of fostering a healthy and engaged community."

Located in Airport Heights, Seeb, the AO Center is strategically positioned near major transportation links, including the Sultan Qaboos Highway and Muscat Expressway. This prime location ensures easy accessibility for both local residents and tourists, making it a convenient destination for all.

The AO Center offers a variety of inclusive facilities designed to benefit both OAA members and the broader community. In addition to the shooting range, sports retail area, and bowling alley, the center includes spaces for community events and workshops. These amenities foster a spirit of sportsmanship, ensure safety with advanced security measures, and promote community engagement through collaborative spaces.

"We are confident in the positive impact this new building will have on both locals and visitors", concludes OAA’s Managing Director, “The exact opening date of the Center will be announced soon, and we look forward to welcoming everyone to this exciting new development."