JAF releases video featuring safety tips for safe driving in Japan | Federation Internationale de l'Automobile

JAF releases video featuring safety tips for safe driving in Japan

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On February 4, the Japan Automobile Federation (JAF) announced the launch of a dedicated webpage with tips and rules for safe driving in Japan, especially in view of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Recent experience shows an increase of traffic violations and crashes involving overseas visitors to Japan while driving rented vehicles.

The newly launched JAF webpage aims at providing visitors with tips for safe and trouble-free driving in Japan.

For this purpose the Club has produced and published videos that outline differences in driving etiquette and rules between Japan and other countries.

The video, produced in English and available in six subtitled versions (French, German, Chinese, Vietnamese, Portuguese and Korean), address three specific driving issues:

  1. Left-hand traffic: a left-hand traffic system is practiced in 70 countries and regions, and Japan is one of them.
  2. Stop sign: in Japan, stop signs are a pointed-down triangle, with “STOP” written in Japanese. The international standard is an octagonal sign with “STOP” written on it. Some Japanese stop signs have “STOP” written both in Japanese and English but the number of these signs is limited.
  3. Stop before railroad crossing: stopping before a railroad crossing is required in a very small number of countries and regions. In Japan it is required because trains run through narrow residential districts and roads.

Link to the website “Drive safe to enjoy your stay in Japan”: https://english.jaf.or.jp/safe-driving/drive-safe-to-enjoy-your-stay-in-...