FFSA Launches Online Training Platform for Marshals


The Fédération Française du Sport Automobile (FFSA) has recently introduced a new digital initiative aimed at streamlining the recruitment and training process for marshal rank "C." This platform, designed to be entirely online, offers aspiring marshals the opportunity to undergo training and obtain their licenses with ease.

At the heart of this effort is the new FFSA e-learning platform, designed specifically for training marshals.

Through this platform, individuals can explore the marshal role, complete the necessary knowledge assessments, and ultimately secure their marshal rank "C" license.

The training curriculum is structured around four key modules: 

  • Marshal duties
  • Flags
  • Radio communication
  • Fire safety

To successfully complete the training, participants must pass a quiz comprising 15 questions, achieving a minimum score of 80%. Moreover, the platform allows for flexibility, granting users unlimited access to training materials and the opportunity for multiple attempts at the quiz if needed.

Looking ahead, the FFSA plans to expand the scope of the e-learning platform to encompass training content for officials across all categories. This initiative reflects the federation's commitment to providing ongoing education and professional development opportunities for officials, covering a wide array of relevant topics.