ATCM launches training for marshals


Following the successful training of 130 new marshals in 2019, the Automóvel & Touring Clube de Moçambique (ATCM) has recently raised the flag of safety and organised an intensive training for marshals.

More than 80 marshals from different sectors, including race secretaries, clerks of the course and race directors, rapid intervention and rescue teams, were reassessed and trained.

The Club has also organized several training sessions with drivers and future drivers to keep motor sport alive during the Covid-19 pandemic, focusing on vehicle safety, equipment and knowledge of safety procedures.

“The high level and dedicated training of the ATCM race officials means that our track marshals, as well as all the other members of the organisation with specific functions, are professionally prepared to enhance the image of the Club and the FIA at national or international racing events”, said an ATCM spokeperson.

“The training and reassessment of marshals is a key part of our Club’s programme and we would be pleased to share our knowledge with other Mozambican Clubs to help them to develop training sessions that can improve motor sport safety at all levels.”