ASN Motorsport Ireland and CAKF overcome adversity through collaboration


FIA Members ASN Motorsport Ireland and the Croatian Automobile & Karting Federation (CAKF) have forged a remarkable collaboration that exemplifies the strength of unity within the motor sport community. This partnership, born out of a challenging event, showcases the resilience and determination of ASNs in times of adversity.

The collaboration was sparked by a devastating accident involving Craig Breen that occurred during the Croatia Rally in April. CAKF displayed remarkable compassion and support towards ASN Motorsport Ireland following the incident. President Davorin Stetner and his team played a key role in facilitating the collaboration, underscoring the power of solidarity within the motor sport family.

President Aiden Harper of ASN Motorsport Ireland expressed heartfelt gratitude for the unwavering assistance provided by CAKJF during this difficult time. Recognising the profound impact of their support, President Harper extended an invitation to President Stetner and his team to visit Ireland, fostering stronger bonds between the two ASNs.

The collaboration between ASNs Motorsport Ireland and CAKF serves as a testament to the resilience that arise when ASNs unite, as well as the spirit of solidarity within the motor sport family.