ACI strengthens online services in response to Covid-19 outbreak | Federation Internationale de l'Automobile

ACI strengthens online services in response to Covid-19 outbreak


Since the Covid-19 emergency forced Italy on lockdown, ACI has strengthened its information channels and online services.

To provide real-time traffic information, ACI Infomobility has made available a toll-free number, in addition to its portal and web radio Luceverde.

The Club intensified its cooperation with the Ministry of Transport to deliver infomobility services and provided support to Italians returning to Italy or going abroad through the service Viaggiare Sicuri – in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

ACI’s call centres for Roadside Assistance and Health/Home Services are operational. The call-outs concern mainly heavy vehicles delivering essential services. Requests for health information have increased. Medical assistance at home is still provided, but with some restrictions.

Also, ACI made available to the health authorities ventilators used for medical assistance included in the Club’s membership.  

On the motor sport side, all events have been stopped until further Government’s instructions.

Many ACI local offices are currently fundraising and making donations to support the Civil Protection Department, the hospitals and health personnel who are fighting the Covid-19 battle.