AA Vietnam Launches Fourth Phase of Successful Anti-Drink Driving Campaign


The Automobile Association Vietnam (AA Vietnam) proudly announces the launch of the fourth phase of its successful anti-drink driving campaign, The Power of No, starting in July 2024. This initiative, which began in 2020, has already completed three successful pilot phases, reaching over 44.5 million people across seven ASEAN countries, including the Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, and recently Indonesia.

The Power of No targets young adults aged 18-30 across Southeast Asia. It aims to save lives, change cultural norms around drink-driving, and promote responsible drinking habits. The campaign is led by AA Vietnam in partnership with the Asia Pacific International Spirits and Wines Alliance (APISWA) and is supported by other FIA Region II Clubs, including the Automobile Association of Cambodia (AAC), the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP) and Ikatan Motor Indonesia (IMI). The campaign utilises impactful videos and social media content, primarily on Facebook, in local languages to engage and educate its audience.

The campaign has made significant strides in promoting road safety:

• Phase 1-3 (2020-2023): Conducted in six ASEAN countries, plus Indonesia joining in late 2023.
• Impact: Reached over 44.5 million people, with 380,000+ likes, comments, and shares. A remarkable 93% of viewers felt compelled to say NO to drink-driving after watching the campaign’s commercial video.
• Initial Success: Within the first six weeks of launch, the campaign reached over 23 million people, demonstrating its immediate impact and widespread acceptance.

The fourth phase, beginning in July 2024, aims to expand the campaign’s reach and effectiveness further. AA Vietnam is ready to collaborate with other FIA Clubs, providing technical capacity building, operational assistance, and facilitating connections with key partners. This collaborative effort will empower other Clubs to lead the campaign locally, ensuring a broader and more sustainable impact.

In the Asia Pacific region, road crashes claim 2,000 lives daily, with up to one-third involving alcohol. Young adults, who are at the highest risk, face severe consequences from drink-driving. In Vietnam alone, 32% of men’s and 20% of women’s road crash injuries are related to alcohol, highlighting the critical need for such campaigns.

For more details:

• Visit the campaign’s web page.
• Watch the campaign video.
• Engage on the Facebook page.