Driving Dreams: EduKarting’s journey to develop grassroot motorsport in the Bahamas


Since its launch in July 2013, EduKarting has been a driving force in Nassau, Bahamas, fostering grassroots motor sport development. Founded by Bahamas Motorsports Association (BMSA) President David McLaughlin and managed by BMSA Vice President Susan Schauff, with support from the FIA Motorsport Funding Programme, the transformative five-day program has impacted over 1,000 students aged 10-16.

In a comprehensive curriculum encompassing STEM subjects, marketing, design, and communication, EduKarting goes beyond teaching kart driving skills. The program instills essential life skills and imparts key values of motor sport, such as safety, responsibility, and teamwork.

Led by instructors Henry Beaudette and Craig Camilleri, students take part in team-building exercises and assume roles like Crew Chief, Mechanic, Finance Officer, Press Officer, and Community and Road Safety Officer.

Emphasizing the importance of off-track collaboration, EduKarting challenges students with financial management, safety equipment procurement, sponsorship pitches, and community engagement. The program's unique approach culminates in a ten-lap slalom time trial event, highlighting the teamwork crucial for motorsport success.

Operating during school holiday periods at various educational institutions, EduKarting collaborates with the Royal Bahamas Defence Force Rangers and government schools, colleges, and universities. Beyond its impact on the track, EduKarting aims to promote motor sport competition, culture, and social capital in the Bahamas.

The program gained international recognition in October 2022 when Team Bahamas, including EduKarting alumni, participated in the FIA Motorsport Games at Circuit Paul Ricard in Le Castellet, competing in the Karting Slalom Cup, Karting Sprint Junior, and Digital Racing.

In a nod to the rich karting history of Nassau, dating back to the first 1959 unofficial Karting World Championship Race, EduKarting, in collaboration with the FIA, seek to revive the sport's legacy in the country.

This effort intertwines with the unique heritage behind the term "Nassau Plate”. Tracing its roots to the initial competition when karts lacked identification, the term reflects a resourceful solution: repurposing oil drums as number panels. This ingenious move led to the enduring tradition of the "Nassau Plate”, now a symbol embraced by karting enthusiasts worldwide.