ANETA opens new Electric Karting School

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In December 2019, a new Electric Karting School has been inaugurated by the Automóvil Club del Ecuador (ANETA) in the Ecuadorian city of Quito for children between 7 and 17 years.

The intention of the school is that students learn to drive these vehicles in a safer and more environmentally friendly way: the go-karts are electric, so they do not emit loud sounds and therefore do not damage the ear. In addition, speeds are controlled by a remote system and are monitored by instructors, ensuring safety.

Another key objective of the school is to raise awareness on the reduction of environmental pollution as a result of electric mobility.

During the inauguration, the public had the opportunity to try out the go-karts and enjoy their power, strength, versatility, efficiency and speed. In addition to the public, the press and well-known individuals from the automotive industry were present, including the renowned Equatorian professional Dakar Rally driver, Sebastian Guayasamin, who highlighted the importance of ANETA promoting this initiative, and the benefits for future generations of drivers.

The programme offers training for the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Each level consists of theory (about the parts of the vehicle, the rules of karting, driver safety, sports conduct and FIA rules) and practice (driving on the track, cuts in the curve, acceleration and braking, overtaking and driving techniques). The school operates every day with flexible hours.

General Manager of ANETA Gorki Obando said: "Karts provide young people who are passionate about racing with the opportunity to take-part in an intensive study programme and experience the best innovation in electric karts". He concluded, "This initiative is of great importance and value for Ecuador, and the future of sustainable mobility in our country."