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AA Vietnam and AIP Foundation support FIA Child Safety in Car Initiative

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As part of the FIA Road Safety Grant Programme, AA Vietnam and AIP Foundation, in collaboration with the Hanoi Traffic Safety Committee, launched the Child Safety in Car Initiative in November of 2018, to promote and enforce child passenger safety. 

Using material drawn from the FIA Child Safety Toolkit, the Child Safety in Car Initiative has raised awareness on the importance of child vehicle restraints and seatbelt use in Vietnam.

“Vietnam does not currently have laws enforcing the use of restraint systems and seatbelts for children,” said Luu Xuan Binh, Deputy Chief of the Secretariat of the Hanoi Traffic Safety Committee. 
“As more families make the shift from motorcycle to car, the Government and the public sector need to work together to address these growing safety concerns through legislative change.” 

On November 5, 2019, in Ha Dong, Vietnam, a review workshop was held with representatives from the Hanoi Traffic Safety Committee, Ha Dong Bureau of Education and Training, Nam Tu Liem Bureau of Education and Training, and teachers and parent representatives from 36 primary schools across Ha Dong. The workshop aimed to share the results of the program.

Based on post-intervention results, parents’ knowledge of:

  • age at which children need to use car restraints increased from 9.3% to 47.9% 
  • benefits of fastening seatbelts in cars increased from 65.8% to 95.1%
  • correct way to use child seats in cars increased from 21.9% to 59.8%.

Mr. Ta Duc Giang, Deputy Chief of Secretariat of Hanoi Traffic Safety Committee, remarked: “This is a very humane and meaningful project. Parents believe that driving is the safest mode of transportation for their children. But many of them are not yet aware of the importance of wearing seat belts and using child restraints. I hope there will be more such projects to raise people’s awareness about child safety in cars.”

AA Vietnam
Automobile Association Vietnam (AA Vietnam) is a member of the FIA and brings FIA's quality products and motor services to its members in Vietnam.
In collaboration with AIP Foundation and the Vietnamese government, AA Vietnam seeks measures that ensure greater road safety within the country.

AIP Foundation
AIP Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing road injuries and fatalities in low- and middle-income countries.
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