Six months after his intervention in front of Rome City Council on the occasion of the creation of a city commission to manage road safety, sustainable and environmental mobility, Jean Todt praised the work of this newly-established body that pushed for the adoption of an ambitious "Plan for Road Safety and Soft and Sustainable Mobility"

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FIA President Jean Todt, who also serves as UN Secretary General's Special Envoy for Road Safety, attended the extraordinary meeting presided by Mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi, along with ACI President Angelo Sticchi Damiani and Luigi Guccione Foundation President Giuseppe Guccione.

The Plan adopted by the City Council includes a "Vision Zero" strategy that aims at reducing by half the number of deaths on the road and by 35% the number of serious injuries due to road crashes in Rome by 2020. In addition to short, medium and long-term quantitative targets, the Plan also identifies quality objectives such as the provision of safe roads and intersections, or the strengthening of the prevention and control system by law enforcement officers. An innovative measure of the Plan is the identification of a specific person in the City's staff who endeavours to assist the Mayor in coordinating the work of all those in the Administration who play a role in improving road safety.

"Rome is demonstrating its capacity to act as a leader in the promotion of road safety in urban areas by joining other important cities that have decided to put road safety at the centre of their agenda", Jean Todt asserted. He also highlighted the main innovation of the programme. "Road safety requires adequate resources. Making roads safer, promoting awareness campaigns, encouraging children's education to sustainable mobility: all these activities require investments that need to be secured over time. A key element of Rome's Plan is the establishment of a specific fund for road safety. Directing the revenue from road fines and speed cameras into the fund will create a virtuous circle and generate stable resources to support road safety actions."