"Return to Safer Schools" - Automovel e Touring Clube of Mocambique successfully implements FIA School Assesment toolkit to improve road safety around schools


With the support of the FIA Road Safety Grants Programme funded by the FIA Foundation, FIA Member Club Automovel e Touring Clube of Mocambique (ATCM) launched the Return to Safer Schools programme in collaboration with a local road safety NGO, Amend, and conducted activities to improve the road safety situation for the students at five local schools. 

According to statistics, Mozambique has one of the worst road safety records in Africa. The World Health Organization has calculated that, as of 2016 (the latest year for which data is currently available), Mozambique had a road death rate of 30.1 per 100,000 of the population. Maputo, Mozambique’s capital city, is characterised by a chaotic mix of vehicles and vulnerable road users. Roads typically have very few facilities for pedestrians and other vulnerable road users. Child pedestrians are among the most vulnerable road users, with the vast majority of children walking to and from school each day.  

To address this issue, ATCM deployed its FIA Road Safety Grants project using the FIA School Assessment Toolkit based on iRAP's Star Rating for Schools (SR4S) methodology. 

After the selection of the five schools, the Club engaged with local government and schools to introduce the project and secure permission and cooperation from the authorities. Following official approval and staff training on the toolkit, education on road safety was delivered in all selected schools.  

With the aim to effectively improve the safety of school zones, ATCM also undertook road assessments around two of the schools — Escola Primária Completa da Coop and Escola Primária Completa Kurhula — using the SR4S methodology. 

Twenty-four Road signs and five zebra crossings were added around the schools, and 30 km/h Safe School Zones were created. 

Following installation of the infrastructure, the Club held a launch event at Escola Primária Completa Kurhula to showcase the result of the school zone enhancement to road safety stakeholders and to advocate for further improvements. The event gathered over 30 adults and 40 students.

Additionally, the Club demonstrated originality and creativity in road safety education with the organisation of two creative “Kid’s Court” activities in cooperation with the Traffic Police. 

During the activities, drivers who over speeded or did not stop at the zebra crossing on the roads around schools were brought to the “Kid’s Court” by the traffic police to be questioned by the schoolchildren acting as “judges”. Discussing with the kids really made 'judged' drivers realise the possible dramatic consequences of their infringement and triggered their commitment to not start again. To foster positive behavioural change towards more responsible driving, they signed a pledge to drive safely around schools after the 'trial' instead of receiving a fine. 

The Kids’ Court activities were broadcasted live on TV and radio, which allowed to reach out to a wide audience and efficiently promote the road safety message. It also gave children the knowledge and confidence to discuss road safety issues .