India Development Program Accelerates Motorsport Advancement


In a major step forward, the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI) launched the Indian Development Program (IDP) in September 2023, with a vision to create an inclusive future and put India at the forefront of racing. 


The IDP, led by the FMSCI in collaboration with FIA, focuses on five pillars: 

1.    Grassroots Division: Making motorsport more accessible and affordable.
2.    Engineering Development: Bridging the gap between the nation's engineering community and the national federation.
3.    Esports: Providing a platform for Esports enthusiasts and professionals.
4.    Membership: Formulating strategies for member incentivisation, retention, and engagement.
5.    EDI: Promoting and educating the Indian diaspora in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

FMSCI’s Chief Executive Officer, Dhyanchand Moses, said: “FMSCI’s vision is to enable, energise, challenge and drive the passion for motorsport at the grassroots level in India, along with awareness in Sustainability, Diversity, Inclusiveness and Equality.” 

FMSCI's Sport Development Officer, Anmol Sharma, who spearheads the programme, said: “Our mission is to establish a robust 'Motorsport-Ecosystem' in India, with a strong focus on the five pillars of the India Development Program." 

FMSCI has and will continue to garner support from key partners such as promoters, manufacturers, clubs, students, academics, universities, engineers, entrepreneurs, media, and sport enthusiasts. This collaborative effort reflects a shared commitment to shaping the future of motorsport in India. 

The initiative focuses on involving universities, especially women's colleges, and various educational institutions to create learning opportunities for students and faculty in the motorsport sphere. It goes beyond the development of future engineers, aiming to provide students with a structured career pathways, and a smooth transition from student-run car team competitions to a professional racing career, serving as a mechanism for identifying and nurturing talent. 

The FMSCI Indian Development Program aligns seamlessly with FIA's priorities, particularly in EDI and Grassroots Development. Initiatives like 'Women in Motorsport' and 'United Against Online Abuse' underscore FMSCI's unwavering commitment to inclusivity. 

In the realm of grassroots, FMSCI employs innovative strategies such as 'Motorsports in a Box', Esports, slaloms, and events in easily accessible locations, democratising the sport. The introduction of affordable digital licenses for grassroots categories streamlines processes, enhancing efficiency in license distribution. 

As India emerges as a burgeoning market for motorsport, FMSCI's initiatives hold immense potential for a legacy of widespread impact on both the motorsport community and society.  

The adaptable models, particularly in grassroots development and engineering, can serve as a blueprint for other regions, fostering a global legacy of inclusivity in motorsport.