Fueling the Future: Jane Scaletta and the Cayman Motoring Federation


Meet Jane Scaletta, the driving force behind Cayman Islands motor sport. From her homemade motorcycle beginnings to her current role as the President of the newly-affiliated FIA Member, Cayman Motoring Federation (CMF), we delve into her journey and explore the future of motor sport in the Cayman Islands.

Jane Scaletta, the President of the Cayman Motoring Federation (CMF), is no stranger to the world of motor sport. Her journey began in 1976, taking her from Jamaica to the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Cayman Islands. Building her first motorcycle, a Honda 100, in 1978, she made two wheels her daily mode of transportation.

However, it was in 2010, during her time in the Cayman Islands, that Jane’s passion for motor sport truly ignited. Attending her first Formula 1 race in Brazil, she was captivated by the thrill of racing. This marked the start of her participation in local slalom and drag races.

Jane’s enthusiasm extended to her love for Porsche, leading her to engage in Porsche activations and knowledge-sharing sessions. She even founded the Porsche Club of the Cayman Islands and organised events for its members. As a member of the Porsche Club of America, she honed her racing skills through high-performance driver’s education (HPDE) sessions, with Sebring in Florida holding a special place in her heart.

In 2016, Jane attended the Porsche Sport Driving School in Alabama, where she learned the proper way to navigate the racetrack. This was also the year when she served as the Secretary of the Ferrari Club of America in Orlando, Florida, organising events for the club. Her dedication to motor sport extended to her involvement in a karting league in South Florida.

Fast forward to 2022, Jane, alongside a team of passionate auto enthusiasts, founded the Cayman Motoring Federation (CMF). By 2023, CMF had earned recognition as an FIA affiliate. “Our mission is clear,” Jane affirms, “to enhance the motoring movement and safeguard interests related to motoring in the Cayman Islands through education, training, and special programs.” 

Over the past decade, motor sport in the Cayman Islands has undergone significant evolution. “After the challenges posed by COVID-19 and a two-year lockdown, the drag strip reopened with new services and drag racing opportunities, now following NHRA rules and regulations", Jane explains. "The island’s enthusiasm for racing continues to grow, with CMF anticipating increased local involvement, diversity, and education. We foresee a promising growth pattern that could even lead to the development of a circuit track in the future.”

CMF’s primary areas of activity revolve around the Sport Club Development Strategy, education, training, and special programs. “Our focus includes youth engagement and diversity,” Jane emphasizes. “With a keen eye on safety, CMF is excited to implement the Girls On Track program and launch karting, fostering community engagement and nurturing local talent. Karting also offers opportunities for adults to refine their skills.”

While CMF is a relatively new federation, their dedication to improving motor sport is unwavering. Drag racing remains a prominent motor sport in the Cayman Islands, and CMF continually works to enhance it.

“Encouraging young people to join motor sport is a top priority for CMF. We plan to promote FIA programs such as Girls on Track while emphasising motor safety both on the track and national roads,” Jane adds.

Like many new organisations, CMF faces the challenge of securing sponsorship and funding to activate programs and spread the word. “In the coming months, we are focusing on establishing our presence in the community and collaborating with the national authority to promote motoring,” Jane says.

The Cayman Islands boast a robust and enthusiastic grassroots motor sport scene, centered around a single drag strip catering to both automobiles and motorcycles. CMF is eager to embrace FIA rules, regulations, and programs to further cultivate the sport.

Their focus on improvements centers on safety and diversity. Jane, as the only consistent female drag racer, hopes to inspire more women to embrace the sport. “CMF plans to introduce karting to the community to expand the motorsport audience and reach. We will leverage the Motorsport in a Box program to provide training opportunities, with a particular focus on women drivers,” she notes.

In terms of sustainability, CMF is keen on collaborating with the Cayman Islands Government’s Ministry of Sustainability and Climate Resiliency. “We aim to host green motorsport events that support conservation efforts, potentially dedicating a portion of event proceeds to these causes. Moreover, we are exploring carbon offsetting options to reduce the carbon footprint of our motor sport events,” Jane mentions.

Looking ahead, CMF has ambitious goals for the next 5 to 10 years. “With a robust leadership team and a supportive membership base, we aim to secure financial stability, expand our membership, and gain international recognition for our motorsport events,” Jane outlines. “A strong focus on youth development, fostering diverse talent, forging global partnerships, and promoting sustainable practices are all part of our vision.”

Buckle up for the exciting ride that lies ahead in the Cayman Islands’ motorsport journey.