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FIA Sport Clubs Solidarity Programme initiative to support its member community


The FIA has launched several weeks ago a new member initiative, the Sport Clubs Solidarity Programme, to further unify its ASNs and ACNs and help them address the many consequences of COVID-19.

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Since the start of the pandemic, the FIA has been closely monitoring the evolving situation along with relevant authorities including Governments and the World Health Organization. It has taken any action required to protect the global motor sport family and the wider public, convening its promoters to conceive and implement initiatives, and supporting the medical community. It has also carefully studied the impact that the cessation of motor sport activities has had on its members and the FIA championships they organise and promote.

The FIA Sport Clubs Solidarity Programme has been created to support the ASNs and ACNs during the pandemic and as they start to resume their events and activities, ensuring that when motor sport can get back on track, it will be organised in a safe and sustainable way, compliant with the guidance of Governments and WHO public health advice. The key components of the FIA Sport Clubs Solidarity Programme are as follows:

·        A dedicated 24-7 telephone hotline staffed by the FIA Sport Clubs Liaison Office, ensuring that vital questions from the clubs can be answered whenever they arise, day or night

·        A weekly Webinar with FIA experts addressing various topics, such as Crisis Management, Digital Motorsport, Resumption of Motorsport, Communication and Grassroots, in order to support the ASNs and ACNs and address any queries Clubs may have on these topics. From 29 April to 28 May, the webinars brought together 243 participants from 104 different ASNs and ACNs. Following its success, the FIA President decided to extend this offer, by putting in place regular webinar session, starting from July.

·        An FIA Digital Motor Sport ASN Toolkit, equipping clubs who were just starting out on their eSports journey to fast-track the development of their programmes and begin running National competitions as quickly as possible

·        An FIA Grassroots Motor Sport ASN Toolkit will also be available soon

·        Deployment of ASN experts: Covid-19 Advice and Support Programme (Andrew Papadopoulos, George Silbermann, Colin Hilton, Michael Smith, Ronan Morgan, FIA Staff, ASN Task Force Members) to provide tailored support to clubs via the contemporary remote working tools that have facilitated connectivity so adeptly during the crisis. Applications from clubs requesting this service of these “trouble shooters” will be reviewed and assistance allocated to an appropriate ASN Expert or Regional Training Provider

·        An eLearning Platform offering modules covering Grassroots Motorsport, Commercialising ASN Assets, Lobbying & Government and other relevant topics along with all supporting material from the webinar series. 

·        An active FIA Networking space dedicated to fostering an even greater sense of community among the regional clubs, enabling them to engage with the FIA and each other, and share experiences as they navigate the many issues arising as a consequence of the pandemic.

Additionally, the FIA opened its Sport Grants Programme this month, earlier than usual and will also bring forward approval dates for applications, ensuring that grants authorised according to the criteria of Safety, Structure and Management of ASNs, Motor Sport Development and Social Responsibility, together with new Emergency Assistance, can be deployed as quickly as possible to support Clubs.

Furthermore, the FIA will support the Clubs during the “restart”, with an expert Advice Code covering vital details of the restart process, public health best practice material, together with help to access necessary equipment such as PPE.

FIA President Jean Todt commented: “The FIA is working around the clock to provide assistance to its member community during this challenging period. It is our duty to provide leadership and support during our collective hour of need, and the FIA Sport Clubs Solidarity Programme is a key element of the major response that we have been developing as the scale of the COVID-19 pandemic has unfolded. It aims to help them navigate the current crisis, while preparing them for a new reality, one that places even greater emphasis on the safe organisation of sustainable motor sport. We are here for our ASNs and ACNs in the way that the FIA family has always been Stronger Together.

FIA Deputy President for Sport Graham Stoker also said: “I want to thank the Vice Presidents and the ASN Development Taskforce. We have put together a strong support package for our Clubs, and FIA will stand solidly with them as we endure this pandemic, and then successfully restart our motor sport.”