FIA Smart Driving Challenge Subevent ‘Drive Well Challenge — powered by Garmin’ to enable the study of the relationship between driver health and road risk


The FIA Smart Driving Challenge (FIA SDC), created by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) and global provider of DriverDNA data analytics Greater Than, is launching a new three-month subevent with official FIA Smart Driving Challenge Timing Partner Garmin. Designed to improve driver awareness and encourage safe driving habits, the ‘Drive Well Challenge – powered by Garmin’ will enable Greater Than to conduct a study on the relationship between driver health and road risk.  

The ‘Drive Well Challenge – powered by Garmin’, will take place from 18 October 2022 to 17 January 2023 and will include three heats, each of which will last for four weeks. The winner of each heat will be awarded a DriveSmart™ 66 supplied by Garmin. All participants will receive a 15% Garmin discount code, which can be redeemed against the purchase of selected Garmin in-vehicle technology devices. 

“Garmin is pleased to continue to collaborate with the FIA Smart Driving Challenge to help increase awareness of driver safety. The FIA Smart Driving Challenge provides a fantastic opportunity for us to encourage drivers to assess their impact on road safety, and to adopt safe driving skills in an enjoyable way,” said Garmin Head of Product Management Consumer Automotive EMEA Thiemo Weinschenk. 

As it is already the case with the global FIA Smart Driving Challenge, by joining the Garmin-powered Subevent, motorists will learn how to drive more safely and reduce the risk of being involved in a crash. During the Subevent, real-time analysis of each driver’s individual driving pattern will be carried out by pattern-based artificial intelligence (AI) technology developed by Greater Than. Thanks to the AI, when participants will drive, they will receive a score which establishes their ranking in the Challenge. The higher the score, the smarter the driving pattern is. The FIA SDC app will also provide feedback to drivers to help them improve their driving and move up the ranking. 

The specificity of the Subevent will be that, upon joining, participants will be asked if they would like to share their Garmin health data to be analysed by Greater Than in conjunction with the driving data. Garmin smartwatch customers will have the ability to sync the app with their Garmin Connect account, and Greater Than will use the data at an aggregated level as part of a major study into the relationship between health and safe driving.

“With this new Subevent, we are taking the FIA Smart Driving Challenge a step further.  Leveraging the technologies of Garmin and Greater Than will enable us to look at how our health condition can affect the way we drive. This will enlarge the outreach of our initiative and help us reach our goal to promote safer and smarter behaviour at the wheel,” said FIA Secretary General for Automobile Mobility and Tourism ad interim Onika Miller.

Anyone can take part in the ‘Drive Well Challenge – powered by Garmin’. To join, participants need to download the FIA SDC app onto their smartphone and connect it to their vehicle via Bluetooth. 

“We’re delighted that Garmin is helping to draw attention to safe driving by powering this Subevent. As a result of this collaboration, we gain the fantastic opportunity to uncover potential new insights into crash risk by merging driving data and health data from consenting participants in our analysis. This will give us a new level of understanding into how factors such as fatigue, stress, and illness affect driving risk and crash probability,” said Greater Than CTO and Co-founder Anders Lindelöf.

To join the Drive Well Challenge – powered by Garmin, click here


About the FIA Smart Driving Challenge

The FIA Smart Driving Challenge is a worldwide challenge rewarding smart, safe, and eco-friendly driving. The challenge was created by the FIA in collaboration with Greater Than Svenska AB to encourage everyday drivers to adopt smarter, cleaner, and safer driving behaviour.