In order to promote safe driving behaviours and train professionals from FIA Member Clubs to prevent road crashes, FIA Region IV organised an unprecedented training in Paraguay on safe driving of 4×4 vehicles.

region IV, road safety

Hosted by the Touring y Automóvil Club Paraguayo (TACPy) and lasting for four days, the training gathered participants from the Automóvil Club de Colombia, Automóvil Club de Uruguay, Automóvil Club de Chile, Touring y Automóvil Club del Perú, Automóvil Club de Costa Rica, Automóvil Club del Ecuador ANETA and Automóvil Club de El Salvador.

All of them followed with attention the lessons and tips given by Leandro Perrillo, responsible for Mobility and Public Policies at FIA Region IV, Pablo Azorín, responsible for Road Safety and Environment at FIA Region IV, as well as other members of the host Club.

This technical training responded to a growing need for qualified personnel to teach 4×4 users how to drive safely and skilfully. As these vehicles are increasingly used by production, agricultural and tourism companies it is essential to ensure that they are driven by specialised personnel with knowledge in driving techniques and defensive driving, as well as rescue and accident prevention techniques, in order to avoid deaths and serious injuries.

The training, which consisted of 32 hours of theory and practice, took place on a track specially prepared for the occasion within the grounds of the Rubén Dumot racetrack owned by TACPy, in the city of Capiatá, Paraguay. Participants were taught how to overcome the multiple challenges imposed by the driving of 4×4 vehicles, such as uphill and downhill slopes in muddy terrain and poor grip. They had to "analyse trajectory, inertia and grip of the slope; check what is on the other side so that they don't run into a precipice and then, when going up, choose what gear to use", Pablo Azorín described.

On his part, Leandro Perillo pointed out that the rainy weather helped to make the practice realistic and to test "the concepts learnt about how to drive, taking into account the roads and the condition of the vehicle in order to be able to follow its trajectory".

Fernando Careaga, Service Manager and coordinator of the event on behalf of the TACPy, pointed out that "it is important for Clubs to have their own staff of well-trained technicians. That is why this type of training contributes a lot in the process of ongoing professional development of technicians, and in that sense, the regional office of the FIA plays a major role.” He concluded that "for the TACPy, having its own 4×4 track is key and strategic, as there is no other similar track in the country, and that gives an added value that is well regarded by partners and customers".

region IV, road safety training