On 16 September, FIA Region I launched a new road safety campaign entitled ‘Drive with Care’, which calls for road users to respect each other by minding all traffic regulations such as speed limits, traffic lights, and right of way.

drive with care, Region I, road safety

Based on the Safe System Approach, all road users have a shared responsibility in preventing road crashes. As different transport modes on roads increase, respecting traffic regulations has become even more crucial in providing safer coexistence between all road users.

FIA Region I and its Member Clubs aim to encourage safer driving behaviour through the ‘Drive with Care’ campaign.

As road users, whether you are a driver, cyclist, or pedestrian, using the road involves mutual respect and responsibility to create a safe transport environment. We are all part of traffic, albeit in different capacities. This year’s campaign calls for respect and empathy towards others, by placing oneself in another person’s shoes when in traffic.” said FIA Region I Director General Laurianne Krid.

Increasing road safety is one of the key advocacy areas of the FIA and FIA Region I. The ‘Drive with Care’ campaign has been translated into 23 languages and will be rolled out in 21 countries across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The FIA Region I Road Safety Campaign is supported by the FIA Road Safety Grants Programme.