FIA Mobility Region Meetings Shine a Spotlight on Cohesive Working to Achieve Growth


FIA Mobility Regions’ empowerment took centre stage on Wednesday, with FIA Region I ACTAC Sub Region, and FIA Regions II, III and IV holding meetings to discuss their experiences of 2023, and their plans for growth in 2024.

FIA Region I ACTAC Sub Region meeting

FIA Region I ACTAC Sub Region members set out their aspirations for the future, and their work to drive revenues and build relationships, particularly with government stakeholders. The group also highlighted their work to promote CPDs and IPDs in the marketplace, and the subsequent successful growth in sales, which this year reached a 20% increase compared to 2022.

FIA Region II Plenary Assembly

Enhancing capabilities and exploring growth opportunities were the focus of the FIA Region II Plenary meeting in Baku.

The Plenary featured two guest speakers: FIA Head of Membership Services Emily Mora, who provided an overview of how FIA membership fosters collaboration and engagement, and FIA Foundation Executive Director Saul Billingsley, who delivered a presentation on Foundation projects relevant to Region II.

The meeting also included a workshop session, where Members were invited to map out events, university and mentoring goals for 2024. The Region also discussed potential initiatives from the 2023 'Ideas Forum' to bolster its capabilities.

FIA Region III Meeting

The FIA Region II meeting at the FIA General Assemblies week was the occasion for its Members to hear about different FIA- or Region-led Programmes and discuss plans for next year. 

FIA Mobility Services Commission Member from the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) Cathy McManaman explained how the Commission is working with a more regional approach. She also gave an update on the expansion of the FIA-Led One Road global loyalty programme.

Kristine D’Arbelles, also from the CAA, provided an update on the social media tool kit, which is due for delivery in the spring of 2024 and is designed to help Member Clubs become leaders in road safety and electric vehicle advocacy. 

FIA Region III President Frank Fotia led an open discussion to encourage Member to share feedback and experiences. FIA Deputy President for Automobile Mobility and Tourism Tim Shearman shared insights from Tuesday’s World Council for Automobile Mobility and Tourism and FIA Head of Road Safety Luca Pascotto provided an FIA Policy Commission report. 

FIA Region IV Meeting

Following the FIA American Congress held in August in Guatemala, all Region IV Clubs gathered once again in Baku to close and balance the financial results of the year.

During the meeting, the Clubs reviewed all the activities and achievements of the past 12 months and discussed the action plan for 2024.

Next year, the Region aims to adopt a more data-driven approach and will promote a brand recognition and institutional reputation study among Clubs. Road safety and sustainability will also be high on the agenda, with the Region carrying out a study on sustainable mobility trends as well as a varied range of activities including iRap's Star Rating for Schools projects, Life Cycle Assessments and driver trainings.