FIA Head of Road Safety speaks at Mobilising for Impact conference in Washington DC


Luca Pascotto, Head of Road Safety and Global Advocacy at the FIA, highlighted the importance of corporate engagement on road safety during a panel at 'Mobilising for Impact: Alliances to Achieve the UN Global Road Safety Goals'.

Luca explained the FIA's Road Safety Index, and the benefits of companies measuring their road safety footprint in the same way that they measure their emissions or DEI capabilities.

He pointed out: “Investors, customers, and other company stakeholders are no longer satisfied with purely financial measures but, more and more, demand evidence of practices that can contribute to a more sustainable world. The FIA Road Safety Index can help organisations implement their ESG framework, and increase the visibility of their policies and programs introduced to protect the safety not only of their employees, but also of the communities in which their operate.”

Luca's contributions came during a panel titled 'Driving Change: Organisational Leadership in Global Road Safety.'

Dan Chen (former 3M Transportation Safety Division President), Analia Jarvis (Manager Government Affairs, Regulatory and Ratings, Autoliv), Lorraine Martin (CEO, National Safety Council) and Trent Victor (Director of Safety Research and Best Practices, Waymo) also appeared on the panel.

The 'Mobilising for Impact' event aimed to explore the measures that governments and organisations could take to tackle road traffic crashes. Road traffic crashes remain the leading cause of death for 5-29 year olds worldwide, halfway through the UN's Decade of Action for Road Safety.

To make a major improvement in global road safety, having the private sector globally commit to improving their road safety performance throughout their value chains offers an enormous opportunity.

It was hosted by the FIA Foundation in partnership with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Luca’s appearance at ‘Mobilising for Impact’ is just one part of the FIA’s ongoing efforts to improve road safety outcomes worldwide. The FIA continues to work with its Member Clubs to promote vehicle safety work, campaign for helmet wearing and implement evidence based interventions such as the FIA School Assessment programme.