FIA Esports E-Training: Empowering ASNs Globally


As a part of its efforts to disseminate innovation and knowledge, the FIA proudly continues to empower its Sport Members with the Esports e-training module. Live since March 2023, the module underscores the FIA’s commitment to establishing a standardised training framework for Esports Officials globally, offering a valuable resource for National Sporting Authorities (ASNs) and fostering a network of FIA-trained Esports Officials for future competitions.

Since March 2023, the module has seen good engagement. The French module had 10 completions, the English one had 59, and the Spanish had 8. Currently, 119 people are enrolled, showing growing interest.

ASNs worldwide continue to benefit from this initiative, gaining access to a fully developed platform with a training course at no cost. 

Niroshan Pereira, FIA Esports Commission President, said: “The Esports e-training module is a unique opportunity for ASNs and the Esports community alike to enhance their Esports activities and prepare for future FIA Esports competitions. I invite all of them to participate in the training”.

Eric Stranne, FIA Esports Project Manager, said: “The 45-minute training covers key aspects like roles in officiating, responsibilities before, during, and after an event, and the differences between Esports and traditional motor sport events. Safety procedures during officiating set a new standard for Esports professionalism. ”

After completing the module, ASNs can request a confirmation report on who has completed the course. Esports drivers are encouraged to liaise with their ASN to receive official licensing.

Access to the platform is free and allows individuals to enroll in multiple eLearning modules. 

Available in English, French, and Spanish, this initiative aligns with the FIA’s commitment to inclusivity in the Esports community. Interested individuals can register on the e-learning platform using the instructions provided below:


  1. Open your browser and go to
  2. Fill out the self-registration form as requested. The branch code which you are required to enter is: EsportsSRG
  3. Check your email (including your junk mail) and confirm your self-registration.
  4. Log in to FIA eLearning using your login details.
  5. You will land on a dedicated home page and will see the course catalogue FIA Esports eLearning Module which contains all available modules e.g. FIA Esports eLearning Module: EN.
  6. Select the module of your preferred language, read the instructions, and click ENROL and then click START LEARNING NOW.


  • If you already have an account on the FIA eLearning platform, the FIA Esports eLearning Modules catalogue is readily available on your account and you will be able to complete the module in the language which best suits you. 

Should you have any technical questions please contact