FIA Announces its Road Safety Awards 2021 Winners


At yesterday’s World Council for Automobile Mobility and Tourism, FIA President Jean Todt announced the winners of the FIA Road Safety Awards 2021. 

The FIA Road Safety Awards are designed to give due recognition to the best of the many initiatives and organisations that are improving road safety and contributing to reducing the loss of lives on the road. 

The initiative serves to acknowledge the important work being carried out by FIA Members, individuals and organisations worldwide that have made a positive impact to improving road safety, raise awareness of the global situation, and incentivise further efforts to improve global road safety.

The 2021 edition invited FIA Members to submit applications and nominations in the two following categories: 

  1. The FIA Road Safety Award for the ‘Most Effective Intervention by an FIA Member Club (Mobility or Motorsport) to improve road safety’.
  2. The FIA Road Safety Award for an ‘Outstanding Contribution to improving road safety by an individual or entity’.

In the category “Most Effective Intervention by an FIA Member Club”, the first place was awarded to Canadian Automobile Association for their ‘Share the Road’ campaign. CAA’s public education campaign reached more than 2.5 million Canadians and garnered 1 million completed views which represents roughly 10% of all drivers in Canada and a third of all cyclists in the country. 

FIA President Jean Todt said: “I am delighted to celebrate road safety achievements during the General Assembly that marks the end of my mandate as FIA President. The success of the ‘Share the Road’ campaign promoted by the CAA in Canada shows how FIA Member Clubs can effectively contribute to building a culture of safety in their respective countries.”

CAA Chief Operations Officer Frank Fotia  said: CAA is honoured to be awarded for a second time, this prestigious award for its safety campaign. There were so many great submissions by Clubs and other organisations which also deserve recognition. Like them, we work hard to inform and educate in order to reduce accidents and injuries. Thank you.

Municipality of Lima, Peru was awarded the first place in the category ‘Outstanding contribution to improving road safety by an individual or entity’. The Municipality was nominated by the Touring and Automóvil Club del Peru for their ‘Lima local government road safety program’ aiming to improve mobility and road safety. The award handover will be held during a regional event in 2022.