Driving digital success: ACA eSports accelerates Esports in Andorra


ACA eSports is making waves in Andorra as the first digital sports project dedicated to sim racing. Its mission is to promote electronic sports, train a new generation of digital pilots, and contribute to responsible gaming while aligning with the values of sport. By modernising the club and providing affordable access to high-level competitions, ACA eSports positions itself as a leader among young audiences.

Communication channels such as Twitch, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and the ACA eSports website are leveraged to engage fans and showcase the project. The cutting-edge ACA eSports Center features a Sim Center with 10 advanced simulators, an Academy nurturing 18 drivers, a Team of 5 elite drivers, and a dedicated events and competitions department.

Health takes center stage, as ACA eSports emphasizes physical and mental well-being. With support from professionals like sports psychologists, optometrists, telemetrists and coaches, the program focuses on concentration, emotion management, teamwork, and fostering healthy habits.

ACA eSports competes in major European leagues and has represented Andorra at the FIA Motorsportgames 2022. Notably, they organised the national championship "Winter Race" with the participation of renowned champion Mathieu Baumel.

In an exciting development, ACA eSports is selecting 16 drivers to represent Andorra at the upcoming Olympic eSport week, which will be held in Singapore on 23-25 June.