Automobil Club din Moldova raises drink-driving awareness through its “Sober and Safe Villages” project

Moldovan automobile club Automobil Club din Moldova (ACM) – which was awarded a subsidy through the FIA Road Safety Grant Programme – has launched a new campaign to prevent drink-driving in Moldova. The aim is to raise drivers’ awareness of this issue on a national scale
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The ‘Sober and Safe Villages’ project is a continuation of the pilot campaign carried out in 2015 as part of the FIA- and GRSP-funded TRACECA Road Safety II campaign.

In Moldova, people’s awareness of safe traffic behaviour is often lacking, especially in rural areas, and drink-driving is one of the main causes of serious crashes. 14 areas within the country have been identified by experts as having the highest rate of road crashes caused by drunk drivers.

As a first step, the ACM conducted a survey with 9,000 drivers which revealed that only 15 per cent of the respondents knew the acceptable limit of blood alcohol content. 16.75 per cent of men also admitted that they were used to driving after having consumed alcohol. Following this survey the ACM shortlisted three regions amongst those with the highest rate of drink-driving. Three villages from these regions were then chosen to launch road safety interventions related to drink-driving, with the support of local authorities.

The first of these regional meetings took place in June 2016 in Soroca, in the north of the country, attended by local police, driving schools, the Mayor’s office, and the press. Materials and advertisings were distributed to the public and young volunteers produced their own materials such as T-shirts, stands and posters. On top of that, activities conducted in summer camps – a drawing contest, special road safety action, flash mobs and lessons in driving schools – were carried out. Approximately 10 000 local people participated in these activities. In July, the southern region, in turn, organised the same kind of event.

Through this initiative, the ACM hopes to change drivers’ behaviours by teaching them that drinking is not compatible with driving, and thereby significantly reduce the number of car crashes caused by drink-driving in the country.

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