2022 was a remarkable year for Antigua Pro Racing. As part of its programme to grow motor sport in the Caribbean, the organisation hosted a variety of events to cater to different skill levels and interests. 

The organisation hosted its National event at the Crabs Raceway with thirty local drivers participating each month.

In an effort to increase safety and regularity, the Antiguan ASN collaborated with the ABDA Dragster Association and sponsored one of their champion drivers with an official Rally licence. For the first time in Antigua, all drivers are now obligated to have an up to date medical certificate before participating in any ABDA event.

The Club has also taken initiatives to provide a learning space for the locals and create the possibility for them to compete in Rally events internationally. 

The long-standing friendship with 2023 Italian Champion Pietro Ometto enabled Antigua Pro Racing to host itsfirst Rally Course on the island. The ASN also collaborated closely with neighbouring islands such as Barbados to further develop the sport in the Caribbean.

On the international front, Antiguan driver Rocco Falcone made several impressive appearances at Italian Rallies, finishing in first place twice driving a Lancia Delta Integrale. 

Antigua Pro Racing President Carlo Falcone said: “Our goal is to support upcoming local youth and women interested in the sport. With that in mind,  we are committed to continuously and safely developing the sport to ensure a safe and exciting experience for all participants”.