ANETA's Road Safety Initiative Educates Over 25,000 Students in Ecuador


In 2023, FIA Member the Automobile Club of Ecuador (ANETA) helped over 25,000 students enhance their knowledge in road safety and sustainable mobility.

Under the Interinstitutional Cooperation Agreement signed between the Ministry of Education and ANETA, 25,556 students from preschool, primary, and secondary education in public and semi-public educational institutions nationwide learned about education, road safety, and sustainable mobility through ANETA's Itinerant Road Unit (UVI).

The UVI van provided training through videos, interactive activities, and a circuit where students took on roles as pedestrians, drivers, and traffic officers, using various means of transportation such as bicycles, cars, and tricycles. The activity aimed to facilitate learning through experiential engagement.

Gorki Obando, ANETA’s General Manager, stated  “I'm delighted by the success and impact of ANETA’s Itinerant Road Unit in Ecuador, including the results achieved with 250 scholarships awarded to outstanding students from public and semi-public educational institutions, as outlined in the agreement subscribed by Ministry of Education. These initiatives have significantly enhanced the educational community's development and fostered a culture of road safety commitment for present and future generations."

Teachers also benefited from road safety training provided by ANETA. Through training coordination and outreach efforts, 3,303 teachers reflected on the importance of being responsible road users, emphasising the collective commitment to reducing traffic accidents in Ecuador. This effort aimed to teach these values to students in 250 educational institutions nationwide, from all 10 levels of Basic General Education.