UAMK launches emergency line | Federation Internationale de l'Automobile

UAMK launches emergency line


In relation to the global fight against the Covid-19 disease, UAMK has prepared and launched an emergency telephone line with a unique, well-known number, 1234, in close collaboration with the Czech multimedia group Prima.

Following the declaration of the state of emergency in Czech Republic, a team of experienced and well trained operators are able to provide people with answers to questions about transport, health and other general areas affected by the Covid-19.

Based on its experience from extensive crisis situations in the past (i.e. millennial floods in 2002 and 2012), UAMK has ensured, thanks to its know-how, the necessary technical and organizational facilities of its call centre, a large team of operators with high capacity and flexibility in 24/7 operation mode. In 2012, the number of checked-in calls on the peak day reached almost 18,000, which confirmed the necessity of this operation.

In the first 24 hours after the implementation of the Covid-19-related line, over 2,000 callers have dialled 1234. The rapid development of various restrictions and governmental regulations in the fight against the disease has significantly limited and changed the lives of the population. 

The positive response to the launch of the UAMK information hotline from the government task force and the callers became valuable rewards and motivation for the whole UAMK team.