Third edition of the FIA University Senior Executive Programme held at Columbia University

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The third edition of the FIA University Senior Executive Programme was held at Columbia University Business School in New York from 14-16 October 2019.

Over the course of this three-day tailor-made programme, leaders of Automobile Clubs from 15 countries representing all four FIA Mobility Regions attended courses on leadership strategies, disruptive innovation and digital transformation, strategic networking, and more.

Classes were taught by expert Columbia University faculty who have authored several critically-acclaimed books. Professor Rita McGrath, a globally recognised leader on disruptive innovation, regular Davos speaker, and author, kicked off the programme. Ryan McManus, who has built the world’s leading smart product ecosystem enabling the digitalisation of trillions of physical products, discussed with delegates how to balance digital innovation with core business transformation.

Delegates enjoyed a unique “Leadership Jazz” session at Minton’s Playhouse Jazz club. Using the jazz experience – an art form born of tension and conflict –  as an organising metaphor. Delegates discussed how lessons and methods used to lead a jazz ensemble can help teams and organisations improve the way they work together.

This third tailor-made edition of the FIA University Senior Executive Programme successfully responded to the needs of its participants and gave them the tools they need to address the crucial challenges they are facing today.

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