Surprising repeat for Humar and Rus in Saturnus Rally

2013 European Rally Cup - Saturnus Rally day 3 report

Aleks Humar and co-driver Florjan Rus (SLO) took advantage when Hermann Gassner Sr (GER) had problems on final special stage of the Saturnus Rally. Gassner got a flat tyre less than 10 kilometres from the finish line and dropped to third place, behind Saliuk (KAZ).

Humar was not a favourite to win the event, as the Slovenian only had a week’s testing in his new car before the rally. It had been assumed that four-wheel drive cars would have the advantage at the Saturnus Rally, but Humar took top honours in a two-wheel drive Renault Clio R3.

A combination of incredible driving and little bit of luck helped Humar to repeat his 2012 win. Saturday`s leader Peljhan (SLO) had technical problems and lost more than 5 minutes, another hot favourite, Gassner Jr (GER) had to retire on Saturday due to technical problems. Second-placed Saliuk lost almost a minute on Friday because he drove one more lap than he needed to on the first super special stage, which took place in the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana. 

Humar also took top honours in the FIA European Rally Cup, followed by Saliuk and third-placed Trcek, another Slovenian. Gassner was ineligible for the FIA European Rally Cup, due to the new tyres rule implemented on the 1st of May.

The 36th Saturnus Rally offered a lot of excitement and impressive performances in tough rainy conditions, and has only served to ramp up the excitement levels for the 37th edition of the event.


Final standings 36th Saturnus rally:

1. Humar/Rus (SLO), Renault Clio R3          02:15:57.2
2. Saliuk/Chervonenko (KAZ), Skoda Fabia S2000     + 47.6
3. Gassner/Thannhauser (GER), Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X  +48.7

Final standings 36th Saturnus rally – FIA European Rally Cup:

1. Humar/Rus (SLO), Renault Clio R3    02:15:57.2
2. Saliuk/Chervonenko (KAZ), Skoda Fabia S2000          + 47.6
3. Trcek/Oslaj (SLO), Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX    + 2:38.9

You can find all of the standings here.