On 8-9 March, the FIA organised a One Road Asia Pacific Workshop in Singapore, gathering six Senior Marketing Directors and CEOs from APAC FIA Member Clubs, two Foreign Affairs Officers and two FIA One Road Experts to discuss the deployment of the FIA-led B2B loyalty programme One Road in the region.

One Road APAC workshop, Asia Pacific

Hosted by the Automobile Association of Singapore (AAS), the two-day workshop was made of six sessions, each one dedicated to a specific issue: One Road programme presentation; Asia Pacific (APAC) trends and Club presentations; live demo of the platform; partnership pipeline discussion; contracting and legal requirements; 2023 roadmap discussion.

AAS CEO Lee Waimun declared: “The Automobile Association of Singapore was honoured to host the One Road Asia Pacific Workshop in Singapore. We had some interesting and fruitful discussions over the past two days. There is great potential as the programme allows Clubs to join at their own speed and pace. We look forward to its full implementation and FIA Clubs reaping the benefits of the programme.”

The first session of the workshop presented the FIA-led One Road programme which aims to harness the collective power of FIA Mobility Clubs to create a global rewards programme that offers high-value benefits to their members and create new revenue streams for Clubs. One Road leverages the FIA network to negotiate with leading global brands in the motoring, travel, retail and leisure fields, and obtain rewards. FIA Clubs joining the programme can then get access to substantial rewards and tailor-made offers for the benefit of their members. The first session also provided participants with information on the programme’s progress and future plans, as well as on APAC trends and specificities regarding loyalty and rewards programmes.

During the second session, Club representatives from the Royal Automobile Association of South Australia, the Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia, the Japan Automobile Federation and the Automobile Association of Singapore had the chance to present their current loyalty programmes and discuss potential integration into One Road.

Session 3 offered a live demo of the CAA’s personalised loyalty portal, highlighting the technical characteristics and data capture process while Session 4 focused on APAC potential partners for One Road and the best way to approach them.

After a session dedicated to contracting and legal requirements, the APAC Workshop concluded with a discussion on the 2023 roadmap that allowed to understand which Club would be interested in joining the programme and talk about next steps.

One Road Club Relationship Manager Diana Dumois insisted on the power of the FIA network: “The participating APAC Clubs clearly see the collective power of the FIA to approach and negotiate with global brands to diversify and enhance their existing loyalty programmes to attract younger generations. We are committed to enlarge their portfolio of global partners and build a unique One Road community where we will digitise the transaction journey, favouring dialogue and sharing best practices.”