Strengthening Bonds: FIA Tourism Department Engages in Productive Talks with China’s EU Mission


The FIA Tourism Department met with the China Mission to the EU for high-level talks about international mobility and travel

Director of Tourism, Habib Turki, represented the FIA, while Jianping Chen, Trade Attaché and Chair of the WCO Istanbul Committee, and Yan Li, First Secretary, represented China's Mission to the EU.

Discussions focused on the digitisation of CPD (Carnet de Passage en Douane, a passport for cars or motorbikes) and the ways that the two organisations could work together to improve awareness and harmonise practice across different regions. These efforts will be key in facilitating smoother border crossings, trade and tourism around the globe.

Representatives also discussed temporary import processes for sporting equipment, an issue which has been raised by a number of National Sporting Associations (ASNs). Both parties suggested strategies that will help improve existing approaches, and support the global sporting market.

The successful meeting sets the stage for continued dialogue around tourism and customs procedures.