Preparing for an Intelligent Future

Jacob Bangsgaard, Director General of Region I of the FIA, yesterday revealed plans of how the office will assist member clubs in participating in the EU’s new iMobility Challenge, in which the FIA is a project partner.

The initiative is a two-year programme aimed at demonstrating the benefits of safe, smart and clean mobility through new Intelligent Transport System (ITS) solutions. Intelligent mobility is characterised by efforts to better integrate and connect drivers, intelligent cars and intelligent infrastructures through communications technologies.

The goals of the project include a 30 per cent reduction in the number of fatalities across Europe; a 15 per cent reduction of road traffic related congestion; a 20 per cent improvement in energy-efficiency and a 50 per cent increase in the availability of real time traffic and travel information.

Speaking about how the FIA will involve member clubs in the project, Mr Bangsgaard said: “The Region I office will produce a short report on ITS services to clubs and we will host an event in Barcelona on the ITS services and invite clubs to this. It will show them how they can work with manufacturers and suppliers in regard to these services.”

Mr Bangsgaard also encouraged delegates to attend Friday afternoon’s launch of the project, which will feature an eco-driving competition contested by a number of racing champions.

Elsewhere, attention was focused on a future of diminishing car ownership, with the promotion of car-sharing schemes put forward as a means of keeping clubs involved in future forms of mobility.

Maria Spetz of Sweden’s Motormännens Riksförbund acknowledged a declining interest in vehicle ownership and said clubs must remain involved in providing transport for all. “There is a quite substantial shift in attitudes and car manufactures and us have challenges to address in this regard,” she said.