Planning for the future

The WCAMT meeting focused on ownership of data and the future business plan of the FIA’s Mobility arm.

At the meeting of the World Council for the Automobile, Mobility and Tourism FIA Mobility clubs unanimously backed a resolution underlining the rights of consumers to own and control the data generated from their vehicle and to transfer that information to a service provider of their choice.

The resolution was presented to the World Council alongside an interim status report on access to data and telematic platforms produced by the FIA’s Policy Commission. 

The report, presented by Policy Commission chairman Johann Grill of ADAC, states that Access to Repair and Maintenance Information (RMI) is essential to enable FIA clubs to provide a quality member service, including roadside assistance and that if access is restricted by vehicle manufacturers, then this service could come under threat. 

The World Council also unveiled a three-year business plan for Mobility, built around the four key pillars of Learning, Policy Outcomes, Service Outcomes, and Regional Outreach and Engagement. 

“This plan provides a solid base and clear direction for the future,” said Deputy President for Mobility Brian Gibbons of the new plan. “It exploits the new commission structure, and  recognises the need not only to ensure that FIA public policy is current, but, also that there is a process for soliciting club and regional views on public policy issues.” 

Elsewhere, Services Commission chairman Frank Fotia of the CAA, reported on the progress made towards the creation of a database for member club products and services, and also for tourism. Both commissions have been involved in the development of FIA Connect, an online platform that will allow for greater collaboration between Commission members. 

Looking back over the year, Deputy President Gibbons, said that the FIA had focused on building a network of Mobility Clubs that share a common goal of membership service and advocacy; supporting the clubs in growing and learning; and providing continued value to clubs for their commitment to the FIA. 

Illustrating the point, the Deputy President referred to the ongoing evolution and improvement of Mobility Conference Week, the approval of the new affiliation process, and the rollout of further FIA University courses, including a first course on Public Policy and Lobbying. 

Commenting on the success of the University initiative, he said: “I am confident that the University will continue to grow from its proof-of concept stage into a fully-fledged, FIA-wide institution providing learning and knowledge for all clubs.” 

Also noted was the success to date of the FIA Road Safety Grants Programme, which has received a total of 210 applications from 99 Clubs in 80 countries over three years. A total of 72 road safety initiatives were started in 51 countries.

The meeting concluded with recognition by FIA President Jean Todt and all members present of the outstanding service to the FIA, RACC, and the RACE provided by club correspondent Fernando Santamaria over 40 years. Speaking on behalf of RACC President Sebastián Salvadó, Miquel Nadal highlighted the excellent relationship Santamaria enjoyed with both Spanish clubs throughout his career despite the fact they are in competition with one another.