On 16 March, the first One Road meet-up event was organised at the FIA headquarters in Geneva under the theme: 'Let’s hit One Road together!'. One Road aims to harness the collective power of FIA Mobility Clubs to create a global rewards programme that offers high-value benefits to their members and create new revenue streams for Clubs.

The workshop focused on the future deployment of the FIA-led B2B loyalty programme bringing together FIA Club Delegates, Business Partner representatives, a platform expert from the Canadian Automobile Association and FIA staff members.  

one road meet-up, geneva

Commenting on the event, FIA CEO Natalie Robyn said:

One Road can bring lots of benefits to FIA Member Clubs because it allows them to negotiate with partners on a broader scale, which means that it brings additional benefits. It can also provide a white label platform for smaller Clubs with no loyalty infrastructure in place

The next step of development of the One Road programme is further expansion in Europe, and to look at possibilities in Asia and Africa, creating a more solid and a broader platform that is available to all our Member Clubs.”

The meet-up event was divided into two sessions: the first one was dedicated to FIA Member Clubs only while the second one was a roundtable between FIA Clubs and One Road Business Partners.

Marcel Zimmermann from the Touring Club Suisse (one of the European pilot Clubs) highlighted the flexibility of the One Road programme for FIA Clubs and the important benefits it offers for Club members who travel globally: “TCS has been involved with One Road for a number of years and what we’ve seen is how we’ve been able to move the whole concept of benefits for members in this global community that the FIA looks after, into a system that everybody can use in the future. 

“There is still a lot of work to be done but we’ve put down some foundations that Clubs from all over the world will be able to use technically. Now that people can travel again, Clubs want to expand into the areas of how their members can travel globally and enjoy benefits in other countries and that’s what we are able to do with One Road because we centralise the data capture, we centralise where offers can be looked after and the clubs can go and get them. They only have the kind of offers that can interest their members, it’s not everybody takes the same out of the system and this means we are going to have a very flexible system for the Clubs but also for the partners.

During the first session, FIA Clubs had the opportunity to discuss the future look and feel of their membership cards. They decided to place the One Road flagship within their digital cards seeking uniformity for partners. They also reached a common strategic approach to place their reciprocal offers for  their members.

Session 2 was the occasion for One Road partners to present their offers to FIA Clubs, building community and strengthening the business relationships between Clubs and Partners.

one road meet-up