Electric mobility is often presented as a measure to mitigate climate change and an important element of the energy transition. Its progress in Central and South America and the scarce supply of academic training on the subject have led FIA Region IV to propose a new intensive course on electric mobility with a certificate from CEARE (Centre for the Study of Energy Regulatory Activity*).

Region IV, training on electric mobility

The fourth edition of the intensive course on electric mobility, which started on 5 October and will continue in November, gathers technicians from FIA Member Clubs in Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Guatemala, Honduras and Bolivia. It provides them with tools to understand the development of the electric mobility business and the necessary policies for its promotion and take-off in Latin America, based on available technologies and experiences in different cities.

Aimed at professionals, technicians, managers and decision-makers — both from the public and private sectors — seeking to lead this paradigm shift in the countries of the region, the course lasts for 20 hours, with five online meetings, and is taught by professors Daniel Fernández, Gastón Turturro and Alejandro Gottig. It will end with optional face-to-face activities.

This edition of the intensive course on electric mobility is supported by Siemens (as the main sponsor), Enel X, Nissan, as well as FIA Region IV.


* CEARE is a research and post-university training centre on energy issues set up by agreement between the Faculties of Law, Economics and Engineering of the University of Buenos Aires, the National Regulatory Bodies for Gas (ENARGAS) and Electricity (ENRE) and the Compañía Administradora del Mercado Mayorista Eléctrico S.A. (CAMMESA)