El Prix: FIA participates in world’s largest winter car test


The programme, run by Norwegian Automobile Federation NAF, aims to review the performance, endurance and battery efficiency of electric vehicles in cold weather.

Representatives from the FIA participated in the world’s largest winter test, El Prix, in Norway.

It consists of two tests – a range test, measuring the distances cars can cover until they run out of power, and a charging test, measuring speed of charging. Results are then shared with the public and other clubs to help consumers make informed choices about the cars they purchase.

This year, HiPhiZ led the range test, with a measured range of 522 km (against a WLTP - or laboratory tested - range of 555 km). The NINE ET5 took second, with a range of 481 km (compared to a WLTP of 560km), while the Hyundai IONIQ 6 took third (range of 468km, and a WLTP of 614km).

Nicola Hume represented the FIA during the test series, driving the KIA EV9 during the range test. She drove 441.9km before the car came to a complete stop.

Nils Sødal, Senior Communications Advisor at NAF, noted: “Our test shows that loss of range varies a lot. The best car had a six percent loss of range. Worst loss of range was 32 percent. This underlines the need for better consumer information regarding loss of range in wintery conditions.”

Charging tests require thorough inspection before being published. Results will be released later this week.

Alongside the test, NAF run an international programme for policymakers, allowing global leaders to learn more about EVs, why they’re important, what they do, and how they work.

FIA CEO Natalie Robyn attended the event in Norway. She said: “This event is a wonderful opportunity to inform consumers and partners about EVs, while having the chance to test drive those vehicles and get additional information about EV performance in varying conditions. This kind of event is particularly important in such a rapid transformation market.”

FIA General Secretary for Automobile Mobility and Tourism Jacob Bangsgaard added: “Events like this are very important in the journey towards decarbonisation. It informs and guides consumers so they can make the best decisions when investing in sustainable solutions for their daily mobility needs.”

Image credit: Siv Seglem for Motor/NAF