Driving Growth: FIA Tourism Director meets with China Council for the Promotion of International Trade


The FIA has continued to drive efforts to enhance mobility and tourism in China.

Director of Tourism Services Habib Turki met with the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) delegation, to discuss opportunities for collaboration. The wide-ranging conversation covered potential partnerships between automotive manufacturers and clubs, market access for automotive products and services, and the promotion of CPDs in China.

The FIA's Tourism Department will meet with the CCPIT again in April.

The meeting supports the FIA’s existing efforts to build bridges in China. The Federation has also pursued this goal through the creation of a new training plan and through its ongoing promotion of the VIAFIA portal. The training plan – which is available for use worldwide – aims to promote seamless international travel, with guides to documents like the International Driving Permit (IDP), Carnets de Passages en Douanes (CPDs), as well as activities promoting camping and caravaning.

Meanwhile, the VIAFIA portal serves as a centralised hub for accessing mobility services, including essential documents, information on travel regulations, and opportunities to engage with travel stakeholders.