Driving Efficiency: MotorSport New Zealand's New Digital Platform Transforms Motorsport Management


MotorSport New Zealand has implemented an advanced digital platform, MotorSport OnLine (www.automobile.cc), developed by sports technology specialist Sportsground Ltd. This Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution signifies a substantial advancement in managing driver licensing, vehicle operations, event coordination, and member management.

The implementation of the new platform has led to clear improvements, including a faster membership license approval process, quicker event organiser processing times, using less printed materials by switching to digital licenses, and gaining a better understanding of the ASN’s diverse participant base, both from competitors and volunteers.

The new platform comes with essential features such as:

- Instant Digital Licenses and Streamlined Event Management: MotorSport New Zealand now issues digital licenses promptly via a mobile app, eliminating manual processes and delays. The Event Management module simplifies event organising and permitting and provides seamless integration with the national calendar.

- Efficient Mobile App: Dedicated mobile app empowers officials to scan individuals and vehicles, issue infringements, and conduct inspections. Online or offline, the app synchronizes seamlessly with the CRM system, offering a centralised view of events, licenses, and vehicle activities enabling them to better understand how their members enjoy their motorsport.

- Comprehensive Vehicle Management: The Vehicle Management module provides easy access to digital vehicle logbooks through QR code scans, enhancing efficiency in safety inspections and scrutineering on event day along with recording the digital history of the vehicle to ensure that its providence is always available.

- Visual Traffic Light System: MotorSport New Zealand introduces a visual traffic light system in digital licenses, offering a clear status update. Red indicates restrictions for suspended drivers or vehicles, orange/amber prompts necessary actions, and green signals readiness for competition.

- Seamless CRM Integration: All activities, from event creation to reporting, seamlessly integrate into the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This centralised approach ensures comprehensive oversight, covering injuries, penalties, complaints, and protests.

For more information on how MotorSport New Zealand's digital platform is advancing motorsport management, visit www.automobile.cc.