From Classroom to Sky: TACPy successfully concludes Drone Pilot Course for Law Enforcement Officers in Paraguay


In January and February, the Touring Y Automóvil Club Paraguayo (TACPY) conducted a Professional Drone Pilot course for national police officers. This training follows the broader efforts started by FIA Region IV and the Drone and Vertical Mobility Academy, established by TCS and supported by the FIA, to empower FIA Members in leveraging drone technology and vertical mobility. Financed by the FIA Regional Development Programme, previous FIA Region IV training sessions aimed to advance development strategies and initiatives benefiting local Clubs.

32 students from the General Directorate of Police Intelligence and the Special Police Operations Forces of Paraguay participated in the course, which was led by Lic. Andrea Spinelli, Head of Integrated Management System (SGI) and Responsible for the Drone Pilots School (EPD). 

The officers were divided into five groups, with one week dedicated to each, covering both theory and practical aspects. The practical sessions, lasting three hours, included flight exercises.

The primary objective of the program was to equip officers with the essential knowledge and skills required to navigate complex operational environments effectively. The training covered various topics such as definitions, concepts, assembly and disassembly, legal frameworks, aerodynamics, flight planning, emergency planning, and anti-drone technology.

The learned skills were put into practice in scenarios such as hostage rescue operations, person tracking, vehicle tracking, and narcotics production camp destruction. Upon completion of the course, participants received certificates accrediting them as professional drone pilots.

This initiative follows previous drone training organised by FIA Region IV to support the development of its regional clubs, demonstrating a commitment to enhancing capabilities in drone technology and fostering collaboration among FIA members for regional development. Building on the success of last year's training, FIA Region IV will conduct a second edition of the drone training this year.