Automóvil Club de Chile provides the Municipality of Santiago with vehicles to help during the Covid-19 crisis


The agreement reached with the mayor of Santiago will allow instructors from the Automobile Club of Chile (ACCHI) to transport aid to the most vulnerable sectors of the commune free of charge.

With the aim of speeding up the distribution of aid that the Municipality of Santiago has been giving to the elderly and to the lower income sectors of the commune in the face of the health emergency caused by Covid-19, the Automóvil Club de Chile provided part of its fleet of vehicles to collaborate in the delivery of essential goods ordered by the Mayor Felipe Alessandri.

The cars from the Driving School, with their instructors at the wheel, will be available to the municipality starting this week and will be used not only to take medicine to the elderly who need it, but also to distribute food by the Community Development Directorate (Dideco) of Santiago.

"The contribution of the private sector is always welcome in times of crisis and when unity is required. That is why we appreciate the solidarity and commitment of Automóvil Club de Chile to make a concrete contribution to the needs of the most vulnerable population in this pandemic, such as our elderly. They will support us by expediting the transfer of medicines and food, in company vehicles and driven by their own instructors, to whom we are providing all the necessary hygiene implements to protect their health and that of our neighbors," said Mayor Alessandri.

"We cannot be indifferent to this crisis and the business sector must redouble its efforts to support those people whose access to essential goods has become more difficult due to the crisis. Given the voluntary shutdown of our fleet due to this pandemic, we prefer to use it in solidarity and leave it at the disposal of the Santiago municipality to speed up aid to its neighbors," said Alejandro Quintana, President of the Automobile Club of Chile.

For the development of this initiative, the municipality will provide the Automobile Club instructors with all the pertinent hygiene implements to perform these delivery services to the community in a safe manner.