Automóvil Club Argentino (ACA) supports its championships during Covid-19 crisis | Federation Internationale de l'Automobile

Automóvil Club Argentino (ACA) supports its championships during Covid-19 crisis


Speaking with the local radio program Mundo Sport, ACA Head of Safety and Circuits Diego Mesa gave an overview of how the club is planning to put the national motor sport scene in order.

The Covid-19 crisis in Argentina has brought motor sport scene in the country to a halt. The last competitions held where the Top Race V6 and the CARX Rallycross series visiting Concepción del Uruguay and the Tourism National at Villa Mercedes, both taking place between 14 and 15 March.

The ACA is currently actively evaluating possible future scenarios. On air, Mesa admitted that the main objective of the club is to support the categories in reorganising their calendars and to analyse the regulations in order to provide advice on possible amendments, all of that in compliance with the security protocols imposed by the government in order to protect the lives of all the people in the country.

During the interview, he outlined the plan to organise the Argentine motor sport scene. "We are in touch with the categories, looking at each specific case, continuously evaluating different scenarios and possibilities. It is entirely justified to analyse the changes requested by any of the categories".

“We do not look so much at a specific date. More than the starting dates, we are thinking about the regulations and about supporting the championships in restructuring their competitions.”

"We are attentive, we study and evaluate options, so that they can have the answers that should help them to run their championships".

“I’ve spoken to some categories and all of them would like to see how the situation will be when the quarantine is over – what will be the maximum amount of people in the pits at each circuit? Will there be public? Now we have many unknowns".

"We analyse all the ideas of the championships. What can be done to the regulations? In each case the regulations say about a [minimum] number of races and modifications are required. They will be made because this emergency is exceptional.

"There are many people living from day-to-day job in motoring, who need to work to survive, so we hope that this will return to normal,” he summarised.